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Martyr by Midany
a very personal project part of a series with the same title.
Fairy IV by Midany
Fairy IV
a series of daily paintings titled Fairy
Fairy by Midany
WIP. after long hours of study, wanted to do some quick paintings 
this was one out of 4 roughly 1 hour 
Woa Its been almost a year since i made this entry,I didn't make any new
journal so that this one would remain and i can only hope that the info
provided might have been of help to other people out there :)

Been getting some questions regarding Alchemy
so though id make a journal to display some hints

1st of all for people who are not familiar with the program
it's a free drawing program mainly used to generate conceptual
and 1st sketch drawings it wasn't made to be a finalized/rendering
program and the creators of the program made sure for it to stay that way

You can give it a go and Download it from its 11mb i think :)
and yes its a vector based program not a pixel one, which is a huge +1

2nd of all since its a conceptual drawing program there is no "undo" option
and no zoom option which is deff something to get used to but very rewarding.

Now as far as the actual program goes its a very user friendly interface based
so no tutorials or anything of such nature is required, just some time to experiment


1) when getting started make sure u set the page setup " aka picking the page size" since the default one
is small and might cause some minor problems when placed on another rendering program

2) There are little limitation when it comes to creating/generating designs on it but some of the tools i mostly use:
-Converting the style from narrow line to board line, the difference between the two is one draw single line while the other fills the geometry with most creation selection thats the case

-90% of my work is mostly done with X-Shapes while playing with the distance bar
minimum distance = smooth
increasing it = increasing the disturbance of it
-median shapes is a great tool to draw things like wings for example :3
-and PULL SHAPES which im going to be talking more in detailed about it in abit ^^ <---- one of my all time fav tools
-splatter shape is also fun in both "thin and broad line style" give a butterfly effect/post psychotic feeling to it

Now The AFFECT :
only rly use 3 from the list
-Displace, which works wonders with X-shapes
-Gradient, self explained name ^^
-Mirror, which is one of the most vital and awesome Affects

ps. you can activate multiple Affects at the same time

Now to the Pull shapes tool
This might be 1 of the most important tool there is within the creation department
there is a default library in alchemy, but the beauty of it, is that u can import your own
library " think of it like brushes for photoshop"
Just head to ur alchemy folder go to shapes and create new folder where u paste ur pdf file to be used as brush
example i have a folder in shapes called GUNS, which contained some vector based pdf file of guns

A general hint, would be to start your design with a low opacity i usually start at an opacity of 11% or so then gradually increase it
since there is no "undo" option starting with a low opacity makes it more forgiving for mistakes

When your working on Alchemy id advice that you constantly export a copy of the current work whenever you reach a design
that you like i usually export a copy every 2-3 min reason behind it is to facilitate editing on other programs such as photoshop + i usually multiply the layers from all the exported files to highlight some shapes and ABOVE ALL since there is no undo option you wont bang your head to the desk if you make a fatal drawing choice " which happens to me alot ^^"
usually 1 session of alchemy takes about 10-20 min and might extend
to 40 min which was my max if its a very intense drawing such as… the main force behind it was the PULL SHAPE which was a library of crosses

You can Record your session on Alchemy tho im not sure how this is done yet but rly want to try recording a session : /

When it comes to export i usually export it as PDF format
but when the file is large it might pop some errors when attempting to open it
so use png/jpg instead

Well thats about it, hope this cover'd a good dose of the question and hope it was somewhat useful to someone out there

Feel free to drop any question you might have or if something stated above is unclear :)


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Marwan Elmidany
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Stumbled across this corner of the net,Though id taint it with some smudges.

hope you enjoy the gallery and feel free to drop comments/critique, i rarely bite :3

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